What is the objective of spatial planning?

Our home distribution may occasionally seem somewhat useless. Our needs and interests change from time to time and this reflects on our home. We even end up turning any part of the house into an office to work and hobbies. This change may seem enough since we are trying to avoid investing money on a renovation.

However, what happens when this zone is too small and our demands are not met?
This is precisely when spatial planning plays its role.

What is spatial planning in interior design?

Back in the day,  whether it was by tradition, pragmatism, or simply because there were more members in the household, space was distributed differently; in fact, having more rooms was mandatoy and nowadays, this is a problematic when attempting distribution purposes.

If reinterpreting placements of these rooms becomes a requirement, the best option is to prioritize all essential space by assessing which zones are preferably the most spacious, just in case it is possible to give up a small room and add it onto the living room, or even linking two beedrooms and creating a dresser inside this ensemble.

If, on the contrary, to maintain the same number of rooms is the order, we can reorganize everything by making a new distribution of the rooms. This is when elements of interior design and a good planning comes in handy.

When we need to improve the domestic environment and allocate new zones to our needs,  analysing must be done so that the best solution to that distribution is found, taking into account which one suits our budget and current needs the best.

We must analyse which areas we like and make the best use of, as well as those we do not oftenly use while reasoning why.

Spatial planning service

If we wish to change a certain space at home, all details which are going to be employed, according to the assigned purpose of that zone, must be taken into account. For example, whether it will have multifunctional features or one specific application, moreover, to consider creating a bigger zone by linking two smaller ones.

All the possibilities will be raised and adapted in agreement with the householders´ demands, ensuring that the objective pretended through the change will be pulled off. Drawing up a space planning project for the room to be modified is a warranty of an optimum design, once again, non-viable without listening and handling the householders´ needs.

Space Planning is part of our list of services so if you need any help or reccomendations do not hesitate to ask.

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