Sometimes we need an image change inside our dwell which may bring us new sensations like to relax ourselves or to rest placidly, to be inspired in the kitchen, to concentrate on a new project or to improve anything within our will.
Decoration and interior design are an excellent help in fullfilling those goals.

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Decoration functions inside an already existing zone without altering the house structure. In order to obtain a previously intended result, it operates under changes of materials, lighting, colours, furniture, etc

On the one hand, modifications within a zone do not necesarily imply a complete change of the house. In other words, if we just need to change one zone we will apply decorative adjustments to that particular zone only. (e.g. living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.)

On the other hand, if structural problems evolve where space is not well-appointed or not distributed conforming to our will, this is when interior design comes in.

This broad field delivers solutions to a wide series of challenges from using to enjoying space the best way. Not only does it suggest an aesthetic lift, like we could get from decoration, but it can also respond to unique problems.

An interior designer is not an architect, therefore, unless your wish is to bring down the house entirely, we do not count with the same kind of team members since our projects are totally different.

Are you planning on decorating your house?

Have you just moved into a new home? Are you searching for help to reflect all those ideas and trends you are so keen about? Or do you simply fancy an image change within your dwell? Just like we replace our apparel, we also enjoy changing furniture.

How about we build up together a decorative project for your dwell? We occasionally collect in our minds so much information regarding our preferences, that we are unable to efficiently cut down to the necesary elements, not to mention, creating harmony between them.

It is about time to place yourself in the hands of professional assistance. A decorator will guide you to portray and unify all those accumulated ideas by providing to you a response much more accurate than the one we previously thought we had.

To begin with, we take our time to listen to your needs, ideas, demands and goals, but most importantly, we emphasize on those sensations that you are hoping to feel inside your new room.

From this starting point, we create the first sketch with several possible orientations. With this, we enable a more extended comprehension of your wishe, giving form then to what it was commented in the first place, with images.

Next step, we get together again and no matter how many trial-error attempts we need to perform, we will thouroughly work until the nail is hit, then we get down to work.

When is it over? Only when we have ensured to accomplish the result you have always wished for.

Interior design and decoration regarding the space

Only when decoration is not enough since space must be adjusted, we resort to interior design so that distribution and/or dimensions of all the rooms within the house are rearranged.

Our needs are occasionally redirected according to our daily lifestyle, mainly because household size increases or decreases. In this case, besides a new decoration we can also redesign the space.

We explore all the possible options so that we can effectively get a lot out of those square metres. Once all new needs are portrayed the best option is analised, then working process is developed as we employ the rest of our team members. 

Interior decoration of bedrooms

There are so many preferences when decorating a bedroom, as many as there are people.
The only thing that they all have in common is its main role, it is the place to sleep.

As much as we think we absolutely know our preferences regarding decoration, it is advisable to think twice if it is the correct one for the bedroom, since in the case of choosing a bright or loaded decoration, it will affect our sleep quality. It is a fact, that demands are increasing throughout our current society and impacting on our lifestyle, and personally speaking, more of us should bear in mind the importance of sleep quality.

Interior decoration in lounges

Lounges are meant to be the centre of homes. It is where we gather up, relax and chat with our loved ones. These rooms permit fiddling around with decorative elements and daring to be different,  to take risks. If this is the intention, it is the place to add colour and contrast.

On the contrary, if the intention is a more relaxing lounge, the colours to be used must be searched according to the perceptions we want to transmit and then we can accompany with cosy furniture, bringing harmony within the whole ensemble.

The first and most accurate consideration is to listen to our inner voices and take into account which effects do we really want to cause inside our lounge, whatever combination we choose: daring, free and easy, chill, calm, soft, etc.