Feng Shui is more ancient than taoism and it is the chines art of location. Its goal is to transform our dwell into our paradise.

Feng Shui works through Chi, the vital energy which resides in all elements and it signifies wind and water.

We can picture Chi flowing like water, if there is an obstacle it will move around it or even across it. It is transparent like wind because it cannot be observed, only the effects produced upon us may be appreciated

In Eastern world, when building a new house, they are always baring in mind this feature. Feng shui contributes to architecture by assuring a better spreading of Chi, starting from the structure of the building onto the interior, creating much more powerful effects.

The real challenge arrives when balancing Chi currents, fulfilling our goals with whole satisfaction. Once this balance of Chi is undertaken, controlling it not to be too fast nor to slow, the entire surrounding is changed and completed with positive energies, creating harmonious environments.

If we want to increase in abundance, improve our personal relations, obtain that job we always wished for, enhance our health & wellness, etc, beyond all these aspects is where Feng Shui can lend us a hand.

How do we work with Feng Shui?

In order to accomplish the best flow of chi, solid foundations must be created in the first place, which identify how tailored and clean this art is.

Neatness must be essential within all zones of the house. When these zones are tidy anything is easy to find when ever we need it, even when we are in a hurry. In other words, opening a wardrobe and being able to take a glance, to overlook after what elements are inside it and where is what is particularly being searched.

Sometimes there is no problem with leaving something on the table since we are using it and we want to keep it handy, but unless it plays a daily functional role, it should not stay there for weeks.

Also, the basic Feng Shui principles must be kept in mind: everything is alive, everything is related and everything changes.

Once all these basic aspects are clear the next feature, and the most important to succeed within individual balance, must be aknowledged: the balance in Yin Yang.   

Yang (the exterior) focuses on what influences from beyond, while balancing Yin (the interior) at the same time.

Yin & Yang give birth to five forces of nature: Fire, Wood, Earth, Water and Metal.

All object which may be found inside our dwell belong to one of these five elements. Equalizing the presence of each one will help us carry out an optimum Feng Shui, hence, an influence over our lives and objectives.

Feng Shui and House decoration

Decoration is widely connected to Feng Shui. As mentioned above, every object which makes up our dwell belongs to one of the five elements and the equilibrium among them ensures harmony.

Shapes, colours, textures, etc, enable a never ending combinations to achieve this desired balance. Taking into account to which element pertains each piece of furniture, each colour the wall is painted, type of curtain printings, etc,  Feng Shui may be blended one way or the other, reaching a harmonious flow of Chi and towards the desired direction. 

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Why would you need Feng Shui?

If you have read the previous entrance, you have already aknowledged what Feng Shui means and how it helps to enhance our inner energies.

If you feel that any aspects of your life are stalled, that it has no flow or that it is not the way you wish it should, it may be that you are not paying enough attention to the Chi of your dwell.

Our home, together with our working place, is where we spend most of our time and the enery inside these areas directly affects us. In order to improve these aspects of your life it is essential to turn to the “Bagua map”.

With the previous application of Feng Shui principles, this particular map allows us to level up a knotch each corresponding zone to its energy, so that we can approach it through a specific goal.

You can start by applying both Feng Shui and Bagua map in your bedroom, since it is where we normally spend most of the time, even if it is just to sleep, but precisely, a good rest is vital through out our daily life.

For example, identify whether or not you have a mirror. Where is it located and what does it reflect? If you are able to watch yourself from the bed you should change the mirror´s direction or cover it up when you are sleeping. These small changes may imply an improvement in sleeping quality.

There are other elements, not only the mirror, which can interfere within our energy and precisely when we modify those which are not benefitial, we are able to undertake better results.