Valencian Lights

This Project was raised inside a flat located at centre of Valencia. The householder had several needs. He/she was working at two different places, on the one hand he worked as a stylist and he was owner of a tremendous chapel (Yes, you read correctly! The flat was part of an old church) which was used as a showroom for his clients, but he/she needed an additional room to keep clothes and ítems.

On the other hand he also worked as CEO in a fashion magazine. Meetings were held with the rest of colleagues at his house in order to perform editions and various tasks.

Particularly for this second job, this working zone was beginning to be a bit small, that is the reason he/she demanded our services.

As you can observe by the images, it is not a wide flat and has many distributions.

Once all needs, purposes for each room and the client´s ideals were reviewed, the next distribution was presented.

We created a large living room, to be seen when entering the house, where confortable meetings could be held. The light was perfect to work in, and in this zone we left a balcony and a terrace facing the light courtyard. 

The study room was eliminated and the main bedroom was taken to the background so it could be extended, also with direct access to the bathroom. The bathroom was also expanded with an L shape, having the shower halfly hidden and with a second access by the corridor for visitors.

The kitchen was divolved into a second arrangement since it has little use for the householder because of barely having time to cook. Thus, it was hidden with sliding doors so it could be used only when visitors would come over for dinner, with a drop-down table if needed.

The second bedroom was transformed into a dressing room for the showroom, so that all elements related to his second career.

Ocfourse, the chapel was kept intact with the showroom since it was the star of the house.

Home for two

The project I am about to explain was conducted for a couple who decided to buy a house which belonged to the husband´s family.

It is located in the village where the family is originally from and it used to belong to the grandmother. Hence, it was an old house with distribution according to the age. In other words, it was made up of small rooms everywhere with little purpose, so we could not make the most from the existing square metres.

The householders of this new home are a Young couple without children and their wish was to widely open the scenes.

We cleared out the entrance together along with an open kitchen, followed by the living room. We added a small window next to the kitchen peninsula to create a bit of intimacy and in order to create a small entrance hall.

Placing these two rooms at the entrance was brightly benefitial since we enhanced all the entering natural light, after all, it is where lighting becomes more pleasant.

After getting to know the new househoulders´ needs and habits, thus, discovering that they usually eat in the kitchen, the kitchen peninsula seemed to be a great solution, besides, they were never keen on dining rooms with big tables since they would never make use of them.

Behind the living room we located the bathroom and next to it (area which was affected by the house upstairs), a bespoke wardrobe with a tailored design and a large drawer on wheels for storage purpose. 

Time to move on to the centre of the house. This zone is separated by a window so that no natural light is dispelled, necessary to avoid at a ground floor. Here we situated the study room and bedroom, both separated by folding doors. They wanted it to be a spacious and multifunctional zone so these folding doors provided them with a sort of intimacy.

Lastly, located at the back of the dwell, the bathroom. They needed a couple of pikes to be placed infront of the door in order to hide behind the WC. We had the excellent oportunity to build an excavated bathtub (as requested by the householders) for relaxing days, and next to it, a shower for working days. The bathroom comes with a big window facing the prívate courtyard of the house.

Because the natural spotlights were limited, we ultimately enlarged the front window and we added a skylight to the front door.

On the other corner of the house is the courtyard, to which we included a huge sliding window. Because we opened up a few of the bedrooms which were no longer of any use, we achieved light to evenly brighten accross the home. The prevailing colours are wight on the walls and beige on the floor to create more luminosity as natural light is further reflected.