Mar del este interiores

Interior design enables rooms to be functional and aesthetic. Decoration helps achieving the necesary equilibrium in order to gain the finest feeling and energy. Through this double approach our dwells are transformed into our most valued space.

In “Mar del Este” we will provide you with a bespoke transformation, perfectly suited for you.

dormitorio wabi sabi Vervoordt

Are there rules for decoration?

Rather than taking into account certain standards, sensitivity must be pointed out when talking about feeling beauty and getting the goose-pimples in us on entering a hall or observing a piece of art. Through out decoration not only the best combination of shapes and colours is sought, but also an equilibrium that may convey a precise sensation in line with our accomodation preferences; making us feel cosy, letting us get carried away and most importantly, being within ourselves.



A  well-edited distribution of rooms inside the house helps us to gain space, comfort, natural light, et on our day-to-day. Ultimately, an efficient and effective house distribution will allow us to feel owners of our own holy temple.


Providing a new image to any room may totally change the way its energy affects on us. Therefore, reimagined decoration helps to fullfil this goal, whether it is from a full transformation, or simply by relocating all the room elements. Fiddling around with different decorative possibilities while satisfying the householder´s needs, is indispensable in order to undertake new sensations, which we were not even aware they existed before.


Feng Shui, in a nutshell, provides balance within the energy of our dwell, which impacts our lives by creating a unique and welcoming harmony that is essential when achieving our goals with happiness.