When you find your own passion, something to which deliver your deepest and most sincere inner being, you discover it is never too late, plus, the path which has driven you until this point was necesary in order to be able to transmit by means of honesty. Nevertheless, as a result you comprehend what your clients really need through listening and connecting with their own being. 

My aim is to understand the original essence of my clients and reflect it onto their unique home. Our dwell has to be considered a sacred place and we must treat it as such.

Both interior design and decoration allows an optimum equilibrium to enhance the very best of our feelings and energies.  

Once I discovered the art and magic beyond interior design and decoration I was sure where my referents would come from.  

The architect John Pawson is one of them. He perfectly combines minimalism and Japanese essences together. Personally speaking, this artist is all about sensitivity and pragmatism, that is why I choose my projects to be drawn on by his conception since it is precisely what I wish to express through my work.

Another artist who moves me is Axel Vervoordt. His oeuvres seem to get lost in time without really knowing which age they belong to. I find this marvelous when decorating because combinations will last forever without ever becoming unfashionable, so with a touch of good taste it is always a winner. An unbeatable harmony is created by simply intensifying the essence within each room. 

Afterwards, I introduced Feng Shui into my knowledge so I could reinforce my projects. Besides solving space and decorative initial conflicts through aesthetic and functional solutions, it also permits “Chi” to equally flow while contributing with significant changes in our life.   

And that is how “Mar del Este” came to life; A cluster of services set up to respond to a series of functional, aesthetic and energetic needs inside your dwell.